About Alchemy Cafe

Carol and I would like to welcome you to Alchemy in Wanaka.

Alchemy is the destination for locals and visitors alike to refuel the body, mind, and soul …

The Alchemy philosophy is centered on the keystone of healthy local ingredients, fairtrade coffee, a friendly atmosphere, and free sparkling water on tap!

You can choose to spend your time in plenty of different ways here in Wanaka. So we’re always appreciative when you decide to stop by and relax with us.

Like so many others we found our way to Lake Wanaka seeking adventure and a new challenge.

After 2 decades in IT, and 14 years running an accommodation business in the Coromandel (became Lonely planet number 1 for Coromandel accommodation in 2013)  we decided to combine both our business experience and passion for food into Alchemy.

Alchemy is the seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

It’s our vision, and journey, to create a space that transforms those who enter for the better, and is in turn transformed by having those people enter.

We seek to create a true philosophers stone at Alchemy.

– Carl

Carl Hamlin

Alchemy Cafe & Restaurant

Transform Your Day

2016 Alchemy Wine Night-89